Welcome to Glitter Ink!

welcome to my website! get cozy and take a look at what's here for you :)

I really like glitter, art, and my favorite video game: Splatoon! I suppose that is what the content of this site will be... maybe more. I've only just begun!

here's some fun stuff!

  • cool glitter website!
  • minecraft!
  • pages!

  • Artworks!
  • minecraft!
  • today officially marks the first day of my website! here on this 12th day of january in 2023 :3 its quite exciting getting back into coding, too.

    I learned back in somewhere around 2017 in my art and design class I took at a technical school. I also shadowed a friends mother/professor at a different technical school in which she taught web page design.

    in high school I also took one or two web page design classes , although that was using an entirely different program compared to other programs I've used.

    this is gonna take a lot of time and relearning, but I know I can do it. otherwise this will just become a glorified blog about my life and random stuff (which isnt all bad I suppose, just some random person on the internet sharing stories and stuff.)

    for now, here is some cool art I drew recently of an octoling so I could practice developing a "splatoony" style :)